Ministry lists advantages of complete immunization of children

Ministry lists advantages of complete immunization of children

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Health Ministry has outlined the advantages of the complete routine immunization of children, which is one of the efforts made by the government to prevent childhood deaths and illnesses due to viruses.

“We have added three types of mandatory immunizations, (increasing their number) from 11 to 14. It is because we know that most of the deaths in our babies and toddlers are caused by pneumonia and diarrhea, which can be prevented with vaccines,” said Prima Yoesephine, Director of Immunization Management at the ministry, in Jakarta on Tuesday.

She then outlined the first advantage of completing basic immunization of children, namely, saving on health costs. This is in line with the government’s efforts to change the pattern of disease treatment to prevention.

Second, complete immunization can increase group immunity or herd immunity. If the immunization coverage in a community reaches 95 percent, it can help prevent outbreaks or extraordinary events (KLB), she added.

“If 95 percent of children have been vaccinated, and there are one or two children who have not been vaccinated, the unvaccinated children can also be protected,” she explained.

The third advantage is breaking the chain of transmission of certain viruses originating from other groups or transmission between groups. As with rubella, vaccination has proven successful in breaking the chain of transmission between groups, Yosephine said.

According to her, the risk of mortality in children due to diarrhea can be prevented through Rotavirus immunization, which is among the 14 vaccines provided free of cost by the government. Moreover, her party is also providing the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) to prevent the risk of children dying of pneumonia.

In accordance with Law Number 17 of 2023 on Health, vaccination is the right of every Indonesian child. She added that good cooperation between the community and the government must be established to prevent child deaths due to diseases that can be prevented through vaccination.

“We have to keep the next generation healthy, smart, and strong so they can continue the development in this country,” she emphasized.

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