300+ Baldur’s Gate 3 Devs And More Game Award Winners Share Their Reactions

300+ Baldur’s Gate 3 Devs And More Game Award Winners Share Their Reactions


The Game Awards is an annual event where the exceptional hard work and dedication of hundreds of developers are ostensibly recognized on the grandest stage that the video game industry has. But it also serves as the place where the future of the industry is teased, with trailers showcasing what’s in store for the next few months and years. To make it all happen, there are advertisements played between trailers and awards, while mainstream celebrities appear to try and bring in eyes from beyond our corner of the entertainment landscape.

The Game Awards is an exciting event that has also been criticized for the balance it strikes between all those objectives and pieces of the show. 2023’s event, in particular, has drawn criticism for the lack of time that developers were given to talk when accepting awards on stage, as well as the fact that many developers, games, and teams’ achievements were rapidly cycled through as interstitial moments. Meanwhile, celebrity guests had extended periods of time to meander their way through incidental and unimportant chatter at their leisure.

The Game Awards is an event that takes place at a scale that no other yearly gaming awards show can match. In many ways, it’s also the first of its kind–an Oscars-inspired ceremony in the gaming space. Mistakes are going to happen. The best we can hope for is that those who organize it see the responses and address them accordingly, as it has done in the past.

Nevertheless, 2023’s show was a year in which developers were slighted and many didn’t get to have their time in the spotlight. As a way to rectify this, however, GameSpot decided to reach out to every winner at The Game Awards and give them an opportunity to say their piece. Our friends at IGN have also done this, and although many of the responses are the same, we think it’s still important to publish them as a show of support to those that make the games we love, including several hundred Baldur’s Gate 3 developers at Larian who have shared their thoughts.

When contacting these teams, we encouraged them to seek out contributions from anyone and everyone that worked on the game and may have something they want to say. Below you’ll find the responses we received.

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Best Independent Game: Sea of Stars, Sabotage Studios

Thank you so much. I’ve been outspoken throughout development that Sea of Stars is a game that’s incredibly personal to me. It would be hard to put into words how much it means that the team allowed me to share this vision and then poured themselves into it to such an extent. That is something I will never forget. We are all so lucky to do what we love, and I try to keep that reminder close every day that I have the privilege to make games.

Like many productions, it has been a very challenging and fulfilling journey. Everyone from the team at Sabotage has poured in an incredible amount of heart and soul in this little world we created, and it is a real delight to see everyone that gathered to celebrate it. Shoutout to our partners Du Coup Animation for their amazing job on the cinematics, and to Kowloon Nights for believing in us from day one. And finally, a big warm hug to all our fans for their incredible support since the game was announced. Thank you! Thierry Boulanger, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Sabotage Studios and Game Director on Sea of Stars

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Games for Impact: Tchia, Awaceb/Kepler Interactive

This has an especially symbolic place in my heart, because the first time we revealed Tchia was on this show, and back then we couldn’t believe that a little piece of New Caledonian culture was, for the first time, being broadcast to millions of people around the world. We were incredibly proud then, and even prouder today.

There are many people I’d like to thank:

  • Thierry Boura and Marilou Lopez, for taking that leap of faith with me.
  • My Awaceb family, for their trust and unbelievable talent.
  • Alexis Garavaryan, for somehow believing in this crazy project.
  • Everyone at Kepler who I love dearly.
  • Greg Rice for noticing Tchia so early, and everyone at PlayStation.
  • Thanks to the Game Awards for celebrating games like ours, and congratulations to the other nominees who deserve this just as much.
  • And most importantly, I’d like to thank the whole population of New Caledonia for championing and embracing Tchia all along.

This award is not just a celebration of what we made, it is fuel to keep going, and to keep telling stories that are deeply ours, believing they will keep resonating with all of you.

Thank you, Merci, Oléti! Phil Crifo, Creative Director at Awaceb and Game Director on Tchia

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Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter 6, Capcom

In a field of strong titles appearing in recent years, we’re very thankful to be selected Best Fighting Game. All the other nominated fighting games are amazing and shine brilliantly. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the players and to the members of the development team who worked so hard to bring the next chapter of the Street Fighter series to life. We will not be complacent and will continue to develop the game and provide the best experience possible to our fans. Thank you very much for your continued support. Takayuki Nakayama, Director, Street Fighter 6 

“Thank you very much for choosing Street Fighter 6 for Best Fighting Game. I was moved by the loud cheers in the theater when we won the award. I am filled with gratitude to the members of the development team who took on many challenges and to everyone who has played the game. We will continue to make Street Fighter 6 more exciting for players to enjoy, so please look forward to it!”Shuhei Matsumoto, Producer, Street Fighter 6

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Best VR/AR Game: Resident Evil Village, Capcom

It’s such a privilege to be selected as Best VR/AR game. From the solitude of the snowy mountains to the ornate beauty of the castle, and the intimidating immensity of Lady Dimitrescu, stepping into the shoes of Ethan Winters and seeing the game’s world from his perspective in the PSVR2 version of Resident Evil Village is a unique and unforgettable experience. We greatly appreciate and thank you for all the support!The Resident Evil Village Development Team

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Best Community Support, Players’ Voice, Best Multiplayer Presented by Discord, Best RPG, Game of the Year — Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios

From the very first game I coded on my ZX81 to today, the one thing I’ve never grown tired of is seeing players enjoy the games I work on. The bit that changed is the amount of people you need to make those games. That’s why I count myself very lucky to be surrounded by such an incredibly talented team who continuously surprise me with their craft. It gives me great confidence that I’ll be able to continue seeing players enjoy the games I work on. — Swen Vincke

Thanks to everyone who played. If you joined us at launch, afterwards, or stuck through 3 years of Early Access! — Julian A

For a long time I thought I’d have to compromise a lot when going into the games industry. At Larian however, my job consists of thinking of crazy ideas for the game and conjuring them into reality. The ‘Yes, and’ philosophy of BG3 is so unique. Team!! — Miquel S

Biggest prize yet for me is hearing people talk about the game and being able to say “you know, I’ve been part of it!” — Joe S

When I was 15, I told a friend “I want to study Computer Science to make videogames.” He remembered it to me recently and it felt full circle. The fact it’s with a 3rd part of a series I’ve always loved is the icing on the cake. — Sergi D

I’m still amazed of what we have accomplished together and how much love the community has shown. [It’s] a reminder to myself about why I choose game dev and what makes it so amazing. — Adrià S

This was my first, delivered, project in the video games industry. But, even after getting all these prizes, I still value any comment from my friends more than any GOTY. “I love this part of the game”, “This quest was so funny”, “I didn’t sleep one night because I was playing it.”. Those are my reward. — Roldán GP

I always dreamt of giving back to the gaming community all that enjoyment I felt through the years playing RPGs. Thanks to Larian [I] now I feel like I have, and I can’t stop feeling I still have so much more to give–a literal dream come true. To gaming, to RPGs!!! — Martin M

Years ago, I would have never believed I would be working towards making one of the greatest games ever made. And now, whenever I see people enjoying it all around, it feels like a dream come true! — Nadia B

Game Dev has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. I’m forever grateful for working along with such passionate people and to family and friends that have supported me. Dreams come true. — Victor H

I am blown away by all of your creativity, silliness and heartfelt moments. RPGs were a huge part of me and I never imagined I’d someday be a part of them too. Cheers to this amazing team! You’ve all made this possible, thank you <3 — Anna G

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d be a part of something as special as Baldur’s Gate 3. Being part of this amazing group of people fills me with pride and joy! — Adrián C

Super proud of being part of this humongous piece of atemporal art which is Baldur’s Gate 3. And the team…. damn, what a team! Really going to miss it <3 — Edu R

I’ve always dreamt of working on a game that would make people happy like so many games made me happy. Life goal achieved! — Pol JA

I’ve seen all kinds of people get hooked on BG3. Me, even not being a big fan of CRPGs, have ended up considering BG3 as my favorite game. I feel very proud to be part of this. — Arnau F

My greatest passion has always been video games. In my wildest dreams, I could have never imagined that the geeky kid would one day be part of one of the best games in history and the best game of the year 2023. Thank you, Larian, for this incredible opportunity! — Alejandro A

That was quite a ride. It’s refreshing to see that there are still dedicated gamers in this world who genuinely appreciate good games. — Dmitrii N

Going into this industry, I was very scared of my future. Larian singlehandedly dispelled my fears, allowed me to fulfill my childhood dream of making video games, and got me a GOTY under my belt. It’s amazing to be a part of this TEAM! — Josep L

Working with these people makes it very, very hard to be cynical. – Ruairí M

The real reward is being able to play this game with the people I love. Except with my ferrets. They haven’t learned how to play a CRPG yet. — Nico F

I wouldn’t be here without the support of many people, but I want to thank especially my parents who trusted my late-night computer shenanigans before starting my career, and then my awesome wife and daughter who unconditionally supported me while not taking the easiest life-decisions. But also to the many companions I had on this crazy journey: TEAM. — Tony C

What an incredible experience working on BG3! I feel grateful to have been part of such talented and passionate team, and to the players who have supported the game and made it a success with inspiring passion and enthusiasm. — César S

What an adventure! We have fought as a team and have ended up developing a game that will be remembered for years. I am very proud of the entire team and the players who have trusted us. — Jorge FH

Being part of Larian and BG3 has been awesome. Thanks TEAM! — Juanjo G

Thank you for playing the game and sharing all your stories! Please keep coming up with all the weird ways to solve the quests and break the game, and I promise it will not disappoint! *Harvard FTW! — Vladimir

A well deserved recognition for all those amazing people behind Baldur’s Gate 3, their skills and love combined together made the game worth all the rewards, and we’re all proud and happy that there are so many people who feel the same way! — Anna K

I started gaming at four due to Super Mario and at nine I decided to be a game developer because of Zelda. Being part of the amazing team of BG3 and winning a GOTY over both of them is an ASTONISHING experience. This team makes dreams come true. — Marc V

It’s strange working on Baldur’s Gate 3 every day, after growing up playing the first. To see the game explode across all platforms, and really resonate with players –it means a great deal to see it become successful. — Lewis B

This is one of those rare projects that really make you feel proud of what you do. Working on BG3 has been an amazing experience and the Larian team is definitely AAA. Couldn’t be happier! — David O

This game gives me pinch-me moments almost every day. Proud to go from fan to being a tiny part of it and work alongside some of the most passionate people ever. What a game, what a community, what a team!! — Lisa K

Baldur’s Gate 3 fulfilled a dream that was planted in me since my childhood. The joy of reaching the finish line with this fantastic team is indescribable. — Di Y

After a lifetime of being a nerdy one and feeling crazy for caring this deeply about gaming, getting recognition from fans and friends finally made my world make sense. Go be awesome, all of you. — Kristijan L.

Baldur’s Gate 3 gave me a place to channel my chaotic energy into something positive. It had nowhere else to go. — Michael D

BG3 taught me when to commit and when to let go. But the best lesson was learning how to belong to something bigger than myself. — Alek S

I really hoped the game would connect with others across the unknown; it feels lovely to see that connection become real. — Sarah B

Five years of work on Baldur’s Gate 3 feels like nothing anymore compared to the average play time most sink into it. Could not be more proud! — Chris S

BG3 means the redemption of my passion for my job and a dream come true. I feel it as perhaps the pinnacle of my career even if I don’t know what the future holds for me but I will continue on this path. — LOD

Working on BG3 is a childhood dream come true, and being able to share it with some many wonderful people is even more amazing. — Joannie L

BG1 and 2 were THE games that awakened an artist in me and pushed me to the game industry. Working on BG3 felt not just like a dream, but destiny. I’m excited for the future! — Juliusz B

With Baldur’s Gate 3, it has been such an honour to work on this amazing series. The response from the community has been incredible and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who shared this journey with us. — John O’B

Six years of commitment, man! We all poured our hearts and souls into this game. There was blood, sweat, and many sleepless nights. But the result is greatness. Thanks for playing BG3, this is most rewarding. — Dom W

Larian is the longest I’ve worked at a company. There’s a very good reason for that. Truly a phenomenal team. — Brian N

Before joining Larian I had never had a job that has made me glow when talking about it. Working with this amazing team has been like finding my tribe and the game is everything I, as a player, could have dreamed of. — Jack M

The best award of them all is getting to work alongside these smart and creative silly billies every day. — Monica B

My brother and I sunk hours into Baldur’s Gate 2 when we were kids. To have had the chance to work on its sequel was already a dream come true. But to have it make such an impact is mind-blowing. I’m truly honored by the response from the fans and proud of this team for their passion and drive. — Cody M

I grew up on BG1 and 2, so working on BG3 has been a delight start to finish. But even more of a reward has been getting to spend so much time around passionate and skilled people who truly care about what we are making together. — Ethan DJ

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a dream come true for me! Making art that brings people happiness is what game development is all about. — Stan V

Incredibly proud to have worked on BG3–[it]represents both a huge personal milestone for me, but also for the industry. I think it shows what the art form can be when creativity and story are allowed to come first and there’s no group of suits to stop the bear sex. — Cathal H

There’s no company I’d rather work for, and no game I’d rather work on. I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this team. And it’s all made possible by–and done for–my wife and kids. — Kieron K

Working on the sequel to my favorite game of all time is a lifelong dream come true. Seeing it go on to be so well received is an absolutely humbling experience. Incredibly grateful to be part of this team–what a ride it’s been! — Christian B

Applying for the job and leaving my homeland is one of the best decisions of my life. Thanks to my amazing friends and the massive appreciation of the community who were there all the time along the way! — Olivier H

That my entry into the videogame industry was with this game… how in the hells did we make it. It’s impossible for me to say how grateful I am to have worked on it. Also send more Karlach cosplays and fanarts <3 — Borja VG

I never expected BG3 to mean so much to me or to end up where I did. I’m incredibly proud to be part of this team with a real love for games. I also love playing BG3 and seeing the response of the friends I made through it. Neil’s words were on point, this game brought people together and gave them a voice. — Kayleigh dH

Working on BG3 with such a wonderful team is a dream come true. BG1 and 2 were comfort to me in difficult times (and inspired me to chase a job in games). I’m so proud to have been a part of 3 (and GOTY is surreal!), and I really hope BG3 inspires others to chase their dreams. It’s never too late! — Luke E

I feel like I won all the awards just by getting to work with this incredibly passionate, funny, and wild team on my first project in the industry. Having so many fellow devs and the gaming community love BG3 just as much as we do validates the hard work we put in ❤ — Ellen G

“O, my sordid lords and ladies, I never doubted our gruesome triumph for a heart-pang. Lord Bhaal’s dread muse blessed our knife-arms to carve the finest game of all time. He was waiting a hundred years for a sequel, and we did *not* disappoint.” – Sceleritas Fel. — Baudelaire W

Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way, and to the players–without your support we wouldn’t be here! It’s been a wild ride with the best people. We’ll miss you Jim. Sleep well ♥ — Sinéad B

Making an impactful game, working with incredible people, winning a ton of awards and all while having fun with a team that makes it feel like we’re a bunch of college friends just hanging out – it means a lot to me and I couldn’t be more proud and happy. T-T-T-TEAM! — Kris B

Working on Baldur’s Gate 3 has refreshed my love for working in the video games industry and has reminded me why I wanted to pursue working in games in the first place — Kristina W

I’m so glad I made a last-minute art college portfolio x) Here’s to chasing childhood dreams, my supportive af loved ones, and to my incredible, witty, talent-oozing t-t-t-team! Thank you :’) BG3 and GOTY for a first job has been everything ❤ — Krizsha P

What a year TEAM ! My first job, my first game, and my first GOTY ! Look mom, I did it–I know it would have made you smile. Dad only answered me with his classic thumbs up .. I miss you ♥ –– Murat O

This year has been the most fantastic culmination of a phenomenal adventure, I can’t wait to see where we go from here–t-t-t-t-TEAM! — Tom K

Thank you Kristen for all your support throughout my career, the layoff, and the move to Larian. All of my strength, all of my bravery, and any virtues the team sees from me spring from the love you show me every day. Happy 12th anniversary! — Jason L

Thank you to everyone that’s played our game. Making games that people love and share that love with their friends and family is the dream. — Chad D

I got to work with the best people in the industry AND see Neil celebrated for the talent that he is. What more could a boy want? — Stephen R

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work on this game with an amazing team, and constantly being surrounded with all the love from the community. It’s bizarre that it’ll be my first game credit. What an achievement! — Patricia K

To my Father, skeptical about games as a career, proud anyway, I’m sorry you never got to see the success story. To my Mother, thanks for literally everything. Play the game already. — Simon H

BG3 gave me a chance to be the chaotic gremlin I truly am. Thank you TEAM! And thank you Nana Juju for inspiring Auntie Ethel <3 — Rachel Q

A huge thank you to my parents, who gave me all the support I could ever ask for, and to Cris, for always staying close when I move far away. I’m part of a dream team of talented and silly fellow nerds, and this success couldn’t be possible without them. Team! — Hugo B

t-t-t-t-t-TEAM! — Graham R

This time last year I did not expect to be working at a game studio, nevermind working on a GOTY! It’s great to be a part of it all! — Dominick C

To Fiona, Tim, Mary, Úna and Oscar! I wouldn’t be here without you guys ❤️ — Daniel P

Thank you Swen for letting me work on this wonderful project and all of the help. Thanks for the dinosaur land being in the game–no other studio would approve this shenanigan. Thanks team Malaysia for their enormous hospitality and my new family in Ireland for the welcome. Thanks to our community: YOU MADE THIS GAME what it is! — Nikita K

These awards are for everyone who plays our games. You’re the angels on our shoulders, and the devils whispering in our ears. You’re our favourite villains, our closest companions, and our greatest heroes. Thanks to you, we get to tell more stories. — Adam S

I have finally achieved my life long dream: hang out with nerds, play DnD and make amazing videogames. Glad to have found my people at Larian <3 — Mathias V

I’ll always have a too-long list of wonderful memories to associate with Baldur’s Gate 3: I got married, watched our wonderful team grow vastly in size and talent, taught a goth elf how to swim, and will be forever associated with bear sex. — John C

I feel very privileged to work amongst the most talented people. It feels great to be a part of it! GOTY — Isibeal S

Game of the year babyyyy!! Let’s gooooo!!! –– Libero M

Many of us relocated to work on this game, away from family and friends. It’s very satisfying that our sacrifices paid off not just personally but for all the players out there expecting big things after Divinity: Original Sin 2. — Martin K

Working on Baldur’s Gate 3 gave me a chance to try something new, to be scared and to fight against that fear, channeling it into creativity. — Ben M-J

Thanks for all the support and feedback on Reddit and other online spaces. I read them often and draw a lot of inspiration from all of you! Thanks for playing our game and believing in us! — Mihail K

This place has been so much more than a job, and I’m so proud to be part of this Game that’s made so many people happy! — Chris W

You ain’t seen nothing yet ; ) — Gabriel B

Little did I know when I first started in the gaming industry over three decades ago that the last five years would help bring about such a groundbreaking achievement. — Simon M

I’m so proud to have worked on BG3 and to be a part of Larian. GOTY TEAM! — Leanne G

Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 got me into RPGs, so to be a part of BG3 [and] working with such a talented team and brilliant actors is a dream come true! — Tom P

Making this game made me discover so many new qualities in myself and others and reinvigorated my passion for a lot of things I thought [were] no longer there. Thanks to all the players and developers for your passion and support!!! — Imre F

When I got into game dev, I thought there was no chance I’d get to work on a game like Baldur’s Gate 3. But my lucky ass did. This is my dream game and my dream team, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we built. — András B

Getting to work side-by-side with such talented and passionate people is a prize itself. I’m honored to have been part of a project that touches the lives of so many in such meaningful ways. — Sára H

Wowee! What an honour and privilege to be working alongside such an amazing team, and on such an incredible project. To all that supported me, I love you. And to all monster-fuckers out there, you’re welcome 😉 — Ollie S

Making games was a dream for me that I would never expect to come true in such a magnificent way. Super proud to be a part of this incredible team! — Alexander L

Baldur’s Gate 3 embodies the joy and fond memories of being part of a close team that expresses the highest creative endeavour. It is my childhood dream come true, a deeply profound professional highlight and a moment I will be proud of forever. — Gerry J

Not a bad start, on to the next one I guess. 12 year old me would lose his mind if he knew what an amazing company he would end up working for! — Matt S

I dedicate this moment to my highschool guidance counselor who told me animation wasn’t a real career. Get bent, Mrs. J. — Greg L

After so much work and effort put into the game, it was a pleasant surprise to see how much players liked and enjoyed it. — Egor Y

Since Early Access, I couldn’t believe that a game like BG3 was even possible. So I went to Larian to see with my own eyes that it’s possible when you combine passion, creativity, and a lot of dedication and hard work. Incredibly happy to be a part of it. — Nikita R

I’ve taken part in the development of a dozen games, and never played them afterward. But Baldur’s Gate 3 is the exception! I still can’t believe we’ve made it! — Sergey E

Getting to animate so many cool sequences and creatures through creative storylines has been such a great experience. What an amazing project and talented team to work with. Onwards to the next adventure! — Paul N

Hi Jojo, Alexander, and Harriet! I’ve had a great time working on BG3 with this amazing team! Can’t wait for our next game… — Dave F

I hope a heavily collaborative game like BG3 winning GOTY when stacked against other incredible games proves to this industry that placing trust and value in your developers goes a long way–it’d be nice for next year to be great for both games and the people that make them. — Martin D

Baldur’s Gate 3 has reignited my passion for games after years of numbness–I feel again really proud to be part of this industry, and with so many astounding creators around me! — Alessio GC

Little Steph running around with her sword, capturing imaginary dragons would be so proud of us; damn, big Steph is! We made it to GOTY, and every second was worth it. Kings and Queens of our own making. To every single team member, you’re incredible, we did it. — Steph F

Here’s to everyone who found some joy, motivation, and moments of calm in an ever-busy world through BG3; the team worked incredibly hard to bring the game to life and help realise the positive impact art can have on the world. — Logan P

So proud of all those that worked on BG3, every award and nomination is so well deserved! Hello Mum and Dad! — Daniel G

I should be extremely lucky to be in the current timeline and I am grateful for the Larian family for this amazing opportunity. — Sriranjani

I never dared to dream about working on a game that would achieve Game of the Year, it always felt far too out of reach. I’m so proud of my friends at Larian, I can’t wait for the world to play more of our adventures <3 — Abigail F

You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy. When skies are gray. You’ll never know, dear. How much I love you. Please don’t take, My sunshine away. — Andrea A

Animating that bear scene will forever be a defining moment in my career, so thanks Larian… I think? I’m unbelievably proud to have worked with such a dedicated and loving team on this incredible title. For Jim! ♥ — Adam B S

Working on BG3 has been a delight as Larian really, really cares about what players are saying. Also, I’m super lucky to work with such a passionate and talented community. Keep all your art, cosplay, headcanons, and detailed meta posts coming! All of it! — Salomé M G

Dad always said gaming was a one-way ticket to Nowheresville. Guess who just upgraded to First Class on the Success Express with Larian Studios and a shiny Game of the Year award — Hans D

This game is proof that chasing the fun is the best way to make games. Thank you Swen and thanks to our fantastic scripting nerd family. Stay silly! — Mathieu V

While I’m still not entirely sure all of this is real, one thing is certain: this team of insanely passionate people who gave their tears, sweat, and blood for so long deserved a win. This is the perfect reward for their efforts. — Thomas DM

What an unbelievably wild ride it’s been. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up yet! — Boris M

I’m still trying to grasp the enormity of our accomplishment. Working on this massive game is a dream come true, and I’m incredibly proud to be part of this studio—more like a family! — Tim C

Baldur’s Gate 3 made me once again remember why I fell in love with games and the reason I decided to become a VGM composer 22 years ago. Keep the passion alive, guys! — Borislav S

It still feels surreal to be part of something so close to my heart and be surrounded by such passionate people. I’m happy BG3 helped so many feel seen and part of a loving community. Thank you for all of the support! — Stimona M

It feels quite surreal. Going from dreaming of making awesome video games as a kid to creating a Game of the Year! Absolute privilege to be part of such an awesome team and community. — Bryan N

For years we worked very hard, in good times and less good times, to keep going, with a very small (!) Larian team in the beginning. Proud to have been there from the start and to keep the teams going and the office wheels turning! Best team ever! — Lynn V

I remember like yesterday playing Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 with my brother as teenagers. What an incredible feeling to have worked on number 3, writing characters new and old. — Jan VD

Joining a team whose work you always admired and then discovering that its reputation really is built on genuine passion for games instead of blood, sweat, and piles of burned out corpses? Sweet. I knew BG3 would be something special since EA. Still failed to predict the scale of its triumph! — Jan S

I have no words or maybe too many, but most of all I’m just very grateful. Thank you family, friends, passionate colleagues, and players. Thank you for seeing us, the love and support will always stick with me–onto the next adventure together! — Luna W

Working on a game that my teenager self would have genuinely enjoyed playing for days on end and then see that game be crowned Game of The Year, feels so true to myself I don’t even have words for it 😌 — Stijn D

What a joy it’s been! — Francois F

Stick to your guns. Never surrender. For years, we built this road to spread our unique philosophy. Now finally the masses are converts. And it ain’t over yet. — David W

I’m so grateful that I got to join this amazing company as my first job–I honestly wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Great team, great game, real humans trying to craft memorable experiences to make people’s lives just a little more pleasant. — Tom R

Getting the opportunity to work with a team like this, on a project like this, is truly a childhood dream come true. — Boris B

Never would I’ve guessed that the Larian team I joined 13 years ago would grow this big, or that we’d have the honor of working on BG3. Winning GOTY now and seeing that friends and people all around the world love what we made feels truly amazing! Proud! — Wannes V

25-year-old me playing the original Baldur’s Gate on a Pentium II would never have imagined he’d be moving across the world and making this incredible game all these years later. — Kevin V

I used to think I was a rather naive kid, wanting to make games for a living. Now, seeing how much my friends enjoy a game I worked on, my parents proudly sharing articles with me, and people online generally going crazy… I don’t regret it one bit. Let’s continue this. — Rick v M

A game for fans made by fans. — Rick van d B

Working on a game that has dragons and where you can talk to cats is my childhood dream come true. It feels like winning the lottery working for this amazing studio! — An-Sofie T

Got into RPGs because of Divine Divinity and wanted to work in games ever since. Worked Towards that goal. Was able to join Larian and work on DOS2. I’m incredibly thankful for the chance to work at Larian together with a lot of fun and talented people, to be part of BG3 and then for the game to win GOTY. Dreams do come true. — Michel B

To all the friends we made along the way, and to all that have left us. — David K

Actually winning was incredibly fulfilling, given the context of having been part of this adventure with its ups and downs over the many years. Especially seeing this type of game grow beyond its core audience into what it is today. [It] makes me extremely proud to be part of what a new generation of gamers will now look back on, just like I did when I was experiencing them for the first time. — Octaaf F

My teenage Baldur’s-Gate-aholic self would never have believed he’d grow up to live in the timeline that has him working on BG3 and having it pronounced GOTY by Muad’Dib. But here we are–surrounded by all this incredible talent and the best community out there! — Thomas P

This well and truly surpasses my expectations of what my career in game dev would look like. I’m extremely grateful and proud to be part of such a wonderful and passionate team. All the praise, love, and support Baldur’s Gate 3 has received–and seeing the reactions of friends, family, and our community–just warms my heart. <3 — Zino V

A childhood dream was to see my name in a game’s credits. That people love said game enough to be GOTY is hard to wrap my head around. — Nikos V B

I’ve come a long way from the tiny toddler on my brother’s lap pressing spacebar to shoot some demons in DOOM. Hell, this is the first game I’ve worked on that, that same brother wound up liking. Original Sin didn’t quite cross that divide, but the heart was already growing there. — Joyka D. R.

We’ve spent years trying to make the best games possible, it’s nice to finally get some recognition from the fans and the industry. We enjoy bringing you what we like so much! My mom Sue, uncle Faramarz, Diana, Spike, Diba, and Michelle would’ve been so proud to see this! — Farhang N

Larian doesn’t just value their games, they also deeply care about the individuals crafting it. — Jerome D

We must have a party before venturing forth! –– Stijn V

This game proves that it’s worth taking the long road, because to discover new horizons, one must walk undiscovered paths and never give up on persevering. Hopefully this game serves as a small light for everyone that might be facing darkness in their life. — Vasilena D


Incredibly grateful to the players for all the passion, support, and feedback throughout all these years–without you, this game would not have been made. On a personal note, a huge thank you to my whole family, who have always supported, helped, and loved me unconditionally. — Apostol D

Couldn’t have wished to live in more interesting times! — Ryan J

It was a rough road, but we got there. It’s truly a dream come true and I couldn’t be prouder! — Edward V

Seeing the company grow over the past 12 years has been a rollercoaster, but what a ride and achievement! Here’s to many more! — Bastian D

Being able to say I worked on a big game like this and be GOTY has always been a dream to me, and it finally came true 🎉🎉🎉Benjamin G

Fren maek gud gaem. Gud gaem much play. Much play gud game happy.Milan W

It has always been my dream to create beautiful, fantasy worlds for others to enjoy. The love from so many players all over the world towards our Larian family has been an amazing and humbling experience. It still feels surreal that we won GOTY. Thank you all! Darko I

Insanely thankful for the Larian family to take me in, and for the opportunity to be a part of something this amazing. GG EZ. Jef S

The original Baldur’s Gates were what got me into PC gaming in the first place and eventually interested in being in the games industry. After so many years, to get my first GOTY award with both BG3 and Larian is truly an honor and dream come true. Thank you to all the fans for the love and support; it really did drive us to be and do better. Until next time! — Bruce S

Being a member of the Larian Family for over 20 years now, seeing where we came from, this recognition is simply incredible. Like Swen said, it is impossible without a great team, but we are even more than that–we are the Larian Family! — Alex V O

Hey, 17 year old me. Look at what you helped make. I mean sure, it ain’t Vagrant Story but it is, to a lot of people, what Vagrant Story is to you and surely, 17 year old me, that’s gotta count for something. Patience, perseverance; dedication, humility. You did good, kid–you did good. — Edouard I

Aye, nae bad. — Ross S

It feels unreal to see my name in the credits of Baldur’s Gate 3, the Game of the Year 2023. Larian Studios made a lifelong dream come true and I’m beyond proud and truly honored to have been a small part of the team. — Adil K K

I was a fan of Baldur’s Gate ever since I found Evermemory as a kid. I am beyond grateful that Larian let me experience the same joy when playing BG3 and even let me contribute to one of the best games ever created. — Nikolas A

Working on Baldur’s Gate 3 is beyond anything my child-self could have imagined for her future. It’s just crazy that I’m even a teeny tiny part of it. — Louisa G

When I first played DOS, I thought: damn it would be extremely cool to work in such a team. I was 100% right. — Maxim B

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such talented devs making a good fucking game. So proud of every single one of us! — Hayley K

Still feels unreal; don’t think my younger self would believe me if I told them that this is where we’d be. — Megat D

Even the wildest of dreams do come true! I’m deeply proud and honoured to be part of such an amazing and phenomenal team! — Elissa D

DOS 1 made me fall in love with CRPGs and with BG3’s success I feel like I get to share that love with more people. — Amir A

Back when I watched my brother play BG2 over his shoulder, I never dreamed I would get to work on a sequel he would have loved to sink his teeth into. Missing you always, Along. — Khairil A

Years ago, my younger self gave up on his dream of working in game dev. [Yet] that kid’s dream came true 4 years ago and I am so proud of it being BG3. — Jeremy Q

I am still in disbelief with the reception–all the fun and great moments the players have makes me proud. I am fortunate to be able to contribute to this. — Tan J S

At a point of my darkest and lowest, a CRPG has given me light and strength–I’m immensely grateful that I was able to give back the same way through Baldur’s Gate 3. — Kyle G

Have always wanted to make video games, but never thought it possible until the team at Larian and BG3 allowed me that opportunity. Ever-grateful to my wife for pushing me to pursue this dream — Eu-Vin T

I could only dream about being involved in telling such a beautiful story. And then, one day, it became reality — Roman M

Life is like a 1d20 die but damn winning GOTY is indeed a critical success — Joshua K A

Working on this game has reignited my childhood passion and dream–it’s reminding me of why I wanted to pursue the creative path in the first place. — Wisnu I

To my late mother, Joan Foo, this is for you, who always supported me. Never in my wildest dream or thought that I would work on a game and not to mention to win GOTY !!! What an honour!! CHEERS!!! T.t.t.t.t.TEAM!!!! — Arthur T H M

If BG3 has million number of fans, I am one of them. If BG3 has ten fans, I am one of them. If BG3 have only one fan and that is me. If BG3 has no fans that means I am no more on the Earth. If the world is against the BG3, I am against the world. I love BG3 till my last breath…. Diehard fan of BG3. — Shauqi S

Keep on slaying, Kings and Queens 💁‍♂️ 💁‍♀️ !!!! — Masaki

#blessed #EZClap #W rizz #nerizzler — Jason A

“2019 me: “”Only Larian can make a D&D game work!””

2023 me: “”Welp, guess I rolled a Nat20. From Larian fan to GOTY contributor!”” — Sam L

Well done, Divas. Y’all are frickin’ rock stars! ⭐⭐⭐ — Azimah MN

To my loving parents, thank you for being so supportive of me and my love for games. I wish you were both here to see what we’ve achieved. Miss you both — Bee Yen C.

This journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, a big thank you to everyone of our amazing team and the incredible players and the community that cheered us every step of the way. — Wayne C

I am glad that I took the chance to work on one of most amazing RPG game ever and thanks to my family for supporting me — Teena

As a QA, customer experience and feedback is important to us. It always puts a smile on my face learning about the great lengths members of the community would go to explore the limits of our game. We read reddits and steam forums too 🙂 — Amerz

Who would have thought the kid who always daydreams would have landed in Larian, and winning the GOTY is surreal! Big shout out to the team, my family and my soon to be wife, Nina for being there always. — Harith A

Working on BG3 was like getting married with your crush, winning GOTY is like having a babe with her. — Tarik S

Really appreciate that I get to work on this amazing game but never would have thought that we will win GOTY, T-T-T-TEAM! — Wilson L

Thank you from the bottom from my heart to my family and friends who supported me throughout this project. This wouldn’t happen without all your love and support from you guys. — Shi P

Thank you to the fans and friends who have played the game , your reactions to our hard work will always put a tear in my eye — Sivanesh S

To Jim, the best lead that one could ever have. To the team, the best that one could ever work with, and to the fans and players, the best community one could ever be a part of. — Gwen L

I am grateful to fate and the team that I was able to take part in such a unique and large project, it is incredible! — Sergey K

I’ve never worked with a team as passionate as Larian. Helping on BG3 has been a once-in-a-career experience, especially the crypt part. — Valerie N

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an amazing game and has earned every ounce of praise it received. Remarkably passionate and creative people worked on this game and It’s mindblowing that I got to be a part of it. I also officially vow to beat Honour mode and get that Golden Dice. — Tony R

Can’t overstate how insanely fucking proud I am to count myself among this incredibly talented bunch of weirdos. — Tom B

My heart is so full seeing that one-of-a-kind team getting recognition for the hard work they put in one of the greatest games of the decade. I’m more than proud to have been an itsy-bitsy part of it. — Melissa G

Sincerely proud and honored to have been part of this journey with such an incredible team! It was a truly unique experience and I will treasure these memories forever! — Anaïs R

I feel honoured and proud to have been part of this launch of BG3. Seeing this game be the GOTY is so deserved, and I really want to thank the whole team for this amazing game. Bravooooo à tous ! — Alida L

Creating tools for the Larian team has been my dream since DOS1. 4 years ago it came true. I couldn’t be happier! Tools are nothing without an amazing team using them! Thank you all! — Dawid N

Really proud of this accomplishment. Great team, great game! — Lukasz Z

A thank you to the love and support from my wife and the Choosss family. I won’t be here if it weren’t for you guys. You know who you are! Also, big thank you to the Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park for that spark of inspiration down this imaginative road. — Jason C

It’s one of those amazing moments where reality feels suspiciously perfect — Felipe H

I never imagined that we’ll win GOTY. And that’s the “secret sauce” of Larian. We don’t think about awards or number of sales. We care that the player has the best experience possible. This was a passion project made by passionate fans and I don’t think there is a better way to define this game and this company. — Ricardo

AHHHHHHHH! It’s unbelievable, and also perfectly believable. So grateful and proud to work alongside all these wonderful, weird people. — Anna P

As a hardcore fan of RPG myself. I’m super proud of the game made by the TEAM. BG3 is also, personally, my game of the year. And I’ve worked on it! — JP R

I wouldn’t change a thing about this journey and I’d do it all over again without hesitation. So proud to work with such an amazing team. The BG3 post-launch period is both exciting and terrifying, because we’ll have to go beyond the efforts we’ve made and bring something new and better to the community. — Maxime H

I was ill when I decided to join Larian and the challenge was great, but it was the team and the project that gave me the motivation to carry on and go further. Seeing all the success the game has had couldn’t make me prouder of the work I’ve done. — Patrice P C

Baldur’s Gate 3 is my first ever experience as first-party QA and what a wild ride it was to make the jump to Larian for this project. Grateful to be part of this wonderful team for this ambitious project! — Audrey D

We just wanted to create a game we would play honestly. And with this amazing team, so many of you decided that BG3 is 2023’s GOTY… thank you all. So glad that we impacted so many people and brought you all together, by keeping the D&D spirit that brings people together to live impactful stories. Support to the other game devs, for a better industry. — Benoit B

Thank you to my parents, who were always super supportive! It was an amazing adventure to get this game out and I already feel nostalgic about it. I’m so proud of everyone around me and I hope we made Jim proud <3 GOTY!!!!!! — Amélie L

I couldn’t be prouder to work with such talented and amazing people. My teams are the best! — Pauline

Drove and moved my life across the country mid pandemic to work on some fantasy game called Baldur’s Gate 3. Had no idea what was in store. 3 years later and zero regrets. Was an honor to work with amazing people and to be given a space to not be held back creatively and contribute to this massive passion project. — Frank M

I hope we made the world a little better in our own way, I’ll remember this time forever. — Diarmuid N

For me the greatest reward is people enjoying our game. It’s hearing all the crazy stories, reading posts about mind-blowing shenanigans, and just seeing you, the players, smile. — Andrey S

What a blast this has been! This half-naked goblin is so very grateful to have had the chance to be part of this adventure and so humbled by all the love from the community! Thank you Swen for the absolute leadership and all of you weirdos in my Larian family, I love you! We did it baby… GOTY ❤! — Alexandre B

I feel like I rolled a natural 20 at life. I am so thankful for this crazy team and for the amazing people I met along the way. To everyone who played the game : THANK YOU!! But you can bet your ass, we are just getting warmed up! — David G

In a span of 4 years, I went from thinking nobody wanted me a part of their studio to working on GOTY. I can’t begin to put to words just what this game, studio and its people mean to me. — Steven K

My dream to work on games started from creating my own trading cards as a child, then struggling to learn and make my own games on the side while working full time to now contributing to a game up there amongst the industry greats that I idolize. It’s been a wild experience and I’m proud of everyone who worked on this amazing game and can’t wait to create more with them <3 — Michael G

It was a mind boggling journey but we did it as a team and I am very proud to be part of that journey. — Johannes T

It is what it is my dudes. — Oli S

The development of this game coincided with some really important things in my life and helped me realize who I actually am. Seeing something that gave that much to me being so recognized means more than words can convey. — Lyra S.

It’s truly gratifying to have made such a deep experience for others to enjoy, and even more humbling to be told you’ve been the best at it (this year). This is also vindication for all the times my parents told me I should be a Doctor instead of playing video games, look who has no degrees but won all the awards now mom and dad.Petro

Thrilled to be a part of BG3 team! Huge shoutout to my awesome colleagues and everyone involved! Olya Ri

It’s wild to me that somehow me typing at a keyboard and having meetings turned into an experience that has made a profound impact on so many, but I’m deeply grateful to be even a small part of the process. Grateful for my spouse, family, and friends for supporting me in my journey to be a part of this. Matthew R

I would like to give a special shoutout to my parents for supporting my gaming hobbies and now career with almost a blind faith – hey Mom, I am a part of this amazing crew that made THE Game of the Year 😀 Anthony T H

Baldur’s Gate 3 is the culmination of three years of grinding away at job applications and putting my life on hold to just get someone to give me the time of day and say, “Come make games that can touch the lives of thousands with us.” Someone finally let me in and now I get to work daily with some of the most passionate, incredible people on games that touch the lives of millions. Eben S

To everyone that has played our game – thank you, we made it for YOU! To everyone at Larian, I am proud to call myself one of you. You’re an incredible bunch of nerds (affectionately). — Micha N

20 years after begging my mom to buy BG1 from Radio Shack, I can say that the only greater honour than working on the sequel of one of my favorite games ever is to do it with a team of such incredible people! — Matt H

BG3 is the result of 6 years of hard work from a passionate and talented team. As a Level Artist, I put my whole heart into it, and now I’m really proud to have contributed to this global success, letting my art transcend borders! — Elise R

I struggled a lot to find out what I would really enjoy to do for the rest of my life, and having to take a decision at a young age that determines what you’ll do for a living, is a challenge. Thankfully, I had friends and a family that knew me better than myself and suggested me to try the video games industry. When I joined Larian, I really didn’t expect it to have such an impact on my life or my happiness. Now I’m happier than ever and don’t see myself in another place.

People at Larian are awesome and they welcome us with open arms. To win that award means so much and am very thankful for it. — Karen St-P

These past 16 years have been an incredible journey, with an exceptional, passionate team always aiming higher. Thank god there’s 4 numbers left after reaching Metacritic 96, means we can still aim higher! — Edgard De S

It has been unreal to watch an idea become a fleshed out concept to then become a system our players now enjoy and love. Thank you all for your love and support to our work, we couldn’t have made it without our amazing community. — Haley V

From daydreaming about knights and dragons for as far as I can remember, to rolling my first d20 over 15 years ago, to now having worked on one of the best RPGs of all time, it’s been a surreal experience. May there be many more adventures like this! — Alexandre C

So much heart and talent at Larian and I’m humbled to call myself a member of this TEAM. But, in all honesty, I hope ya’ll are ready for what comes next, cus we just gettin’ started! — Dominic W

As a lifelong gamer, I’m so proud of being part of such a passionate and dedicated company that puts the players and the team first and of course, proud of this GAME OF THE YEAR! First of many! — Jean-P G

It has been a whirlwind of 6 years since I joined the company and one thing I can say is that this couldn’t have been done without such an amazing team. — Nicholas Z

A great year for games and a terrible year for those who make them. BG3 is a glowing example of what happens when you treat your people well. — Alexander B

I’d like to thank Kate Bush — Emily G

Having contributed to what I believe is the greatest game of all time, I now feel ready to leave it all behind and pursue a simpler life, making spoons in the woods. In all seriousness, I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated on this game with a team of passionate people who prioritize the players’, as we are also players ourselves. — Jack

In the post-microtransaction wasteland we find ourselves in the privilege of working on a game and for a studio that promised big and actually delivered will remain a feat I will be forever proud of contributing to. Winning GOTY is the icing on the cake! — Ronan F

I knew it’s gonna be the great game since I joined Larian. It was a love at first sight and each new day it proved to be even better than I ever expected. So many cool, passionate and dedicated people were working on it and they fully deserved to see their creation to be named GOTY! — Elena S

Happy to share the joy of first seeing our game come to life followed by becoming Game Of The Year with all the amazing friends that we made along the way! — Bert V

BG3 is my first project in gamedev and it happens to be one of the best games of all time. It took us more than five years to get there, but I’m proud of what we achieved. — Andrey F

Thanks to my other half who supported me joining Larian, even when it meant temporarily living apart from each other. Thanks to all my amazing colleagues who make Larian what it is, it has been amazing. — James V der P

I still don’t believe this is real. It’s truly an honour to work with such incredible people. I love you all <3 — Jack G

These 20 years in the Larian family have truly been an incredible joyride! Here’s to 20 more! Thank you for the support Sophie, Vicki and Liv. Congrats to my awesome colleagues and last but not least to Swen, our knight in shining armour! — Cliff L

Baldur’s Gate 2 was my favorite game when I grew up, even though I still don’t understand the ruleset. That we managed to make a sequel that people enjoy this much is something that warms my icy spiky heart. Thanks for letting me watch you play BG2, Diederik and thank you my wonderful colleagues. — Reinaert D

Making games was my dream since I got my first computer like 100 years ago, but I never imagined something like this. Incredibly proud of what we all accomplished with BG3. — Javier C

I entered the world of the video game industry driven by a simple dream: to create things that move people. Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of those games. — Sarah M

It’s been quite a ride and I’m so happy I tagged along. Absolutely phenomenal player response, makes me very proud! Awesome team and awesome people. — Wiktoria K

Since first game I made, The Western Job in early teens, all the way to working on the Game of the freaking YEAR, 20 years later I have been living THE dream. That all thanks to YOU the passionate players and amazing people at Larian. — Martin S

Raw talent packaged in charmful looks with a sheen of goofiness, can’t say how honored I am to work with such a passionate and talented team! For me, this is the culmination of nearly 2 decades of sweat and learning. Pure adrenaline. I dedicate this to my late mother, family, friends and of course YOU amazing players! — Wai Y L

We made our game with love. Of course, I’m proud to be part of our team. Thanks to everyone who appreciated our game. We had to sell our souls to Raphael to win the main award! — Nikolai C

Always been daydreaming about working in game art, and BG3 is an insane kickstart to that journey! So much talent and love at Larian made this happen. — Andrew M

Ever wonder why mom’s cookies always taste better than store bought? Because they’re made with love! So much love and passion was poured into BG3 and I’m incredibly proud to count myself as part of this amazing team. GOTY! — Anon

Once upon a time, in a hotel bar, I asked Swen, “Which is most important: People, Process, or Product?” He leaned back in his chair, sipped his old-fashioned, smirked, and said, “Players.” — Chris V

It has been an honour to work on a game that has reached so many people, made by a talented team driven to produce an experience like no other. I would like to thank my family and friends for the support they gave me and their obsession with the game! — Jordi V

Happy to be part of such an excellent and passionate group of people that do their best to bring a unique experience to players. Special thanks to everyone that was part of this long process and also those that stood by us or are no longer with us, I am sure they would be proud. Shoutout to the QA and TempQA teams that diligently kept on trucking through — Lorean V

The little gamer in me still can’t believe it. Thank you to our fantastic community, to our friends and loved ones who supported us, and to all of you out there who spent hours in the Character Creator… I see you over there! Thank you! — Emilie L

A journey from avidly reading about video games in video game magazines to this moment – feels surreal. Thank you to all the amazing people who made it happen. — Nikita A.

Thank you emak and ayah for always believing in me and to my dear husband, thank you so much for always having my back. I am grateful and truly proud to have taken this path! — Husniyah A.

This is truly a highlight of our career! Thank you Larian for giving me the opportunity to work on such an amazing game, and I dedicate this win to my family who’s been supporting me the entire journey. — Johnny L

It has been an incredible journey, from setting up the studio in Malaysia with our amazing team to getting Game of the Year! It still feels surreal, but already looking forward to working more with Team Larian to bring more fun to our fans around the world. — Tomoko C

It was a long ride… And here we are! Born to be kings! We’re the princes of the universe! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)ง✧ — Vitalii C

Thanks mom and dad for supporting me throughout my journey, I would not be where I am today without you both. — Kylar C.

Thank you to all my peers for this critical success! Would not have gotten this far without the massive support of everyone <3 Special thanks to my families and to you, Anne. This success is for you — ZacharyQ

A truly special win, for a truly special game and a truly special team. I must have rolled a Nat20 to be part of this historical moment! — Jo Anne T

Working with a group of talented and passionate people is wonderful, but also having a tremendously supportive community with us throughout the journey is what takes it to a whole other level! Thank you everyone for having me on this ride! — Aznan F

Completely overwhelmed with gratitude, having to win spectacularly and be in this journey with such a talented group of people. We couldn’t have done it without the support from everyone and our community. And, oh pickles. — Cindy D

CRITICAL SUCCESS! Congrats Team! I would never imagine I’d be the part of this very passionate team mate . :’). Congrats to all of us! — Levinna A

Hi Mom! — Martin P

I’d like to thank my cat for always standing and meowing by my side, making sure I never lost sight of the important things in life: her. Jokes aside, I’m actually at a loss for words for team and players. I feel immensely blessed and grateful for this journey. Thank you. — Kevin VN

When I started in the industry I never dreamt of being part of such a great game, even less so one worthy of GOTY. Thanks everyone for all the support and also to the Larian team for such a great opportunity! — Oscar S G

Proud to be part of such an amazing team, huge thanks to my family and friends for support over the years. This is a high point, but people will see Larian ascend to even higher peaks in the years to come. — Blake M

It’s surreal to see all the love and appreciation for BG3. I’m happy to be involved in the creation of something that affected so many people’s lives. Thanks for all the support. — Sebastiaan S

Amazing to be among the talents to deliver this masterpiece to the players, but also amazing to be that player myself. — Roman P

Living in a dream dimension over here. Huge shoutout to my team and players for never ceasing to dream. All I can do now is pay it forward. — Paul D L

I’m so grateful to my friends, family, and amazing girlfriend for their support in the last six years, tremendously proud of the team that has given their all for the entire project, and glad we’ve given the players that have always inspired us to do better, a game they do, apparently, think is better. — Ilya V

It’s amazing to witness the love poured into this game, both by the teams for its creation and the community at large. I’m grateful to be a part of this. Thank you for all the support! — Joke

I’m immensely proud to consider these 500+ Larianites my teammates #TeamLarian — CJ

It’s been a truly wild ride. Seeing so many people connect with the game already felt like a great end to the story, but winning Game of the Year is… yeah it’s pretty nice — River S

Thank you to my parents for all the support over the years. It’s a privilege to get to work with a group of people this talented and passionate about games. Seeing Baldur’s Gate 3 win GOTY is truly a surreal moment and I couldn’t be more proud of the whole team. — Brian C

Making a game like BG3 is living my childhood dream! But last couple of years was a real roller coaster. I’m very grateful for the support of my partner, friends and of course Larian family! — Maria B

So happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this, and to see how this game was able to bring so many different people together. — Fanny M

I’m glad that players enjoy the game as much as I enjoy making it! — Aleksei D

I’ll forever treasure the memories I’ve made here at Larian working on BG3, it’s been a wild ride so far and I can’t thank everyone enough. My colleagues, the community, you all are amazing. — Jack S

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you. — Arthur M

I admire the team and everyone involved in making this wonderful game. It’s just an incredible result. — Alexander G

I am what I do. It turned out OK. — Viacheslav K

What an incredible adventure to have been on the past 4 years with the Larian Family. To the players, please never stop creating such phenomenal artwork and sharing your passions with us, you really keep us going! To Jim, I miss you, thank you for taking the chance on me. — Leah C

So proud to have been a part of the team ❤ — Quinn S

Started out 26 years ago with a Frogger remake, now graduated to Space Frog in Ghaik Land. It’s been a great journey shared with many people, and I’m looking forward to continuing the trek! — Jonas M

I wasn’t even planning to work in the video-game industry at first, but Larian convinced me to join them on their wild adventure. I’m amazed by the success of BG3, but I’m also not all that surprised when I see the passion our teams have for their work. Thanks everybody! — Gabriel B

Working at Larian is fucking wild — Matt D

BG1 and 2 were my favorite games back in the day and I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work on this project. — Alex Boca

Thank you to all the fur-/feather- & scale-babies who kept us supplied with a steady dose of fluffy feels & happiness — Elke T

I’ve always dreamed about having a job in the gaming industry! and now that the first game that I have worked on gets the Game of the Year award…. Amazing guys <3, thank you all so much for supporting us. — Martijn P

“Mister Chim goes to Hollywood!” I am really proud to represent the entire Larian Studios team on stage at The Game Awards 2023! This win was only possible with the love and hard work from everyone involved. Our games are all about freedom and player choice, the player can be who he wants to be, in charge of their own destiny. That’s exactly the world I want to be part of! 😀 — Joa C

Working on BG3 was a dream come true, all the people are so talented and hardworking it is crazy! — Kat S

Dedicated to my parents and my wife for all the support over the years. Winning GOTY was pretty amazing but working on it with the most talented & passionate bunch (shoutout Team Cinematics) though is a whole new level of amazing. Immensely grateful and honoured. I hope I’ve not used up all of my luck and good fortune allocated to me in this lifetime because this was something else. Thank you to the gamers as well for the great reception & love! — Faridz R

Winning a GOTY is one of the best experiences I have had during my career. It is a bit overwhelming, especially when you think about how many games are released every year and what awesome competitors we had this year, so thank you, thank you very much for your support and your acknowledgement. — Javier M N

Thanks team! Thanks family! Thanks community, fans and players! Without all of you this would not have been possible nor as great – Larian – BG3 f* yeah! — Lil’Jean

Overwhelmed with tears of joy and excited like a small child is what I feel when our team keeps on receiving recognition by the awards and so many heartwarming messages from players around the globe. It feels unreal how BG3 moved so many people. A big thank you to everyone who supported us throughout this incredible journey! — Kathleen D

What a ride it’s been! I’m so incredibly grateful for the endless support of my family and friends, as well as the love from both the team and the fans. We couldn’t have done it without you! On to the next adventure! — Luna De G

Seeing BG3 win GOTY was so amazing, so proud of the whole team to receive the recognition for all the hard work! Working at Larian has been an amazing experience, so thank you everyone! — Tiffany D

A heartfelt thank you to each one of you for making our game the Best of the Year! I’m incredibly proud to be part of such a talented and dedicated team. Your hard work and passion shine through, and I can’t wait for more successes together — Reza.A

For Jim, this was his Swan Song and what an incredible feat to have accomplished. Loved and adored by his family, friends and the team he left behind, his legacy will never be forgotten. — Jim S

So proud to have worked with an incredible team on a game played and loved by so many. A special thanks to my family for all their support! — Sean

I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work on this game, but more so the opportunity to work with my friends and colleagues here! I never in my life would have thought to be this fortunate. — Gab J

20 years ago I was drawing and inventing stories for my first D&D character ever. Little did I know back then that future me would be part of a team that sets a benchmark in the D&D and gaming community by delivering a GOTY winning title in a universe I hold up so dearly. Thank you to everyone who plays Baldur’s Gate 3 and supports us in our endeavour! — Thierry

It’s a heck of an achievement to win the GOTY, for the game and for the studio, and I’m thankful for being a part of this experience. — Tatiana O

Working with the best team on the best game alongside the best community was the honor of a lifetime. Thank you for letting us be a party full of weirdos. — Molly C

Only been here for a few months, but learned quite quickly how much effort actually got into this masterpiece of a game. Congratulations everybody! — Jonah W

Working on BG3 was the best experience ever and I didn’t expect the GOTY so congratulations to Larian and the whole team. I am truly grateful to Larian and the team to give me this opportunity to work on the greatest game ever! — Soham P

Never been so proud of a team, in a long career of 25 years, as today. I am still so grateful that I could become part of it early this year. — Joris M

I want to dedicate this game to my late dad, if not for him I never would’ve gotten into video games, to my family that kept pushing me, and to the amazing team at Larian, who make miracles reality almost on a daily basis. Thank you all for making this legendary game possible! — Alexis H

All I ever wanted to do in my career is to create awesome interactive soundscapes… doing this on such an unique and outstanding game, with such talented and cool people is just fucking crazy! TEAM! — Stefan R

Beyond proud to be part of a team, one big family that worked so hard on this one. Making this game in its genre and ending up winning GOTY, is just mind blowing. Looking forward to see Larian burst to new heights. — Christophe DM

Thanks to everyone who voted for us as GOTY, my parents and family are finally starting to get how big of a game BG3 really is. Thanks to my colleagues for the talks at my desk, during lunch and through slack. Thanks to my colleagues for creating such a wonderful world with the tools I helped develop. — Marjolein G

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