Usman Khawaja to contest ICC reprimand over black armband

Usman Khawaja to contest ICC reprimand over black armband

Australia Test opener Usman Khawaja said on Friday the black armband he wore in the Test match against Pakistan was for a “personal bereavement” and he would contest the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) reprimand.

The opener was reprimanded by cricket’s global governing body on Thursday for wearing the armband during the 360-run win over Pakistan in Perth.

That came after he was prevented by ICC rules from wearing boots with the messages “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal” in the colours of the Palestinian flag for the match at Perth Stadium.

Khawaja told reporters he would take up the reprimand with the ICC and only wanted consistency in the application of its rules.

“I told them it was for a personal bereavement. I never ever stated it was for anything else. The shoes were a different matter, I’m happy to say that,” he said.

“But the armband (decision) made no sense to me. I respect the ICC and the rules and regulations they have.

“I just asked – and will be asking them and contesting that they make it fair and equitable for everyone and they have consistency in how they officiate. That’s all I ask for.”

An ICC spokesman on Thursday said Khawaja had displayed a “personal message” in the match against Pakistan without seeking prior approval from Cricket Australia (CA) and the ICC to display it, as required by regulations.

Khawaja said players had displayed personal messages during matches in the past without seeking approval from the ICC and not been sanctioned.

“Guys have put stickers on their bats, names on their shoes and all sorts of things in the past without ICC approval and never been reprimanded,” said Khawaja, adding he would not be wearing the armband again. From my point of view, that consistency hasn’t been done yet.”

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