BSN commits to achieving PEDs to support ASEAN trade productivity

BSN commits to achieving PEDs to support ASEAN trade productivity


Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Standardization Agency (BSN), as the host of the 59th ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality (ACCSQ) meeting, has committed to achieving the priority economic deliverables (PED) to support trade productivity in the region.

The harmonization of standards is needed to ensure product quality, especially for developing countries to compete globally, head of the BSN, Kukuh S. Achmad, said here on Tuesday.

The harmonization of standards and mutual acceptance of laboratory test results on these standards can guarantee more competitive products to support ASEAN’s equitable prosperity, he added.

According to him, BSN is compiling a road map of ASEAN Harmonized Standards to support the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which is one of the 16 Indonesian PEDs of its ASEAN chairmanship this year.

BSN is committed to achieving the Indonesian PEDs, which are expected to increase trade productivity in the region through production cost efficiency by preserving sustainable resources and providing environmental protection, Kukuh explained.

The ACCSQ meeting is taking place from June 13–16, 2023, in Yogyakarta with the involvement of sectoral bodies in the field of Standardization and Conformity Assessment (SPK) in ASEAN.

ACCSQ underlined several initiatives that have been agreed upon in ASEAN, especially in the field of SPK, such as product standard acceptance agreements for electronics to cosmetics, and soon medical devices and automotive products.

There are still many follow-up actions awaited, such as the action plan on the Joint Sectoral Committee for Electronic and Electrical Equipment (JSC EEE).

The action plan on JSC EEE aims to map regional trade that utilizes laboratory test results or certificates issued by Conformity Assessment Institutions (LPKs) that have been registered in ASEAN.

Moreover, Kukuh said, ASEAN member countries need to anticipate the threats of an economic recession, the current geopolitical conditions, trade competitions, and heed issues in G20, including renewable energy, digital transformation, and health architecture.

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