Get An Open-Box Logitech G Cloud For $235

Get An Open-Box Logitech G Cloud For $235


The PlayStation Portal launched earlier this month, and so far, the handheld cloud gaming console has been a surprisingly popular piece of hardware that regularly sells out fast. What’s a PlayStation fan supposed to do when they can’t switch to a compact gaming device? Look for an alternative, like the Logitech G Cloud, which is on sale for $235 on eBay. This deal is for an open-box version of the gaming handheld, but otherwise, you can expect it to be in excellent condition with no sign of wear or tear.

Logitech G Cloud
Logitech G Cloud

Logitech’s entry into the cloud gaming space might lack the superb DualSense controller layout of the PlayStation Portal, but this unit still has plenty to offer. It has a vivid 1080p 60fps display, ergonomic controls, and a good 12-hour battery life. Internally there’s 1TB of storage capacity and the device only weighs 463g, making it a very lightweight option. The other benefit to its design is that you won’t just be locked to PlayStation games on it, as it also supports Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia GeForce Now if you’re subscribed to those services.

Turning it into a PS5 Remote Play handheld isn’t too difficult either, as you can use the dedicated app for that function. Essentially, this makes the Logitech device very tempting for anyone looking to relax with a few sessions of Final Fantasy 16 or Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It has expanded gaming functionality to other services, all for the same price as a PlayStation Portal.

The Logitech G Cloud normally retails for $350, so this is a pretty good deal overall.

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