Government prepares Tidore Islands as National Strategic Tourism Area

Government prepares Tidore Islands as National Strategic Tourism Area

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Government is preparing Tidore Islands to become one of the National Strategic Tourism Areas in eastern Indonesia by holding the Nusantara Day 2023 event, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi stated.

The event, themed “Forging Indonesia’s Connectivity and Maritime Economy from the Point Zero of the Spice Route,” is taking place on December 10-13, 2023.

“We will promote Tidore Islands as one of the National Strategic Areas,” Minister Sumadi remarked at the Nusantara Day 2023 event on Tugulufa Beach, Tidore Islands City, North Maluku Province, on Wednesday.

He noted that the Nusantara Day 2023 serves as a momentum for Indonesia to celebrate its cultural diversity, distinct characteristics, and brotherhood while promoting domestic tourism destinations and bolstering the spirit of cooperation.

The minister also expressed belief that Nusantara Day 2023 could encourage the Indonesian people, especially those inhabiting the country’s eastern region, to take a big leap forward.

He then reiterated that President Joko Widodo’s administration had committed to developing Indonesia by paying close attention to all its regions in the hopes of evenly boosting their role and competitiveness.

“This event is aimed at ensuring that national development is not centered in a certain region. It is crucial to bring developments to all regions of the country,” he remarked.

On the same occasion, North Maluku Governor Abdul Gani Kasuba expressed pride in Tidore Islands’ designation as the host for two national-level events: Sail Tidore 2022 and Nusantara Day 2023.

Kasuba remarked that the designation serves as proof of the government’s genuine care for the development of not only Indonesia’s major islands but also its smaller ones.

“The commemoration of the Nusantara Day 2023 in North Maluku can be seen as a mandate given by the state to us to participate in protecting the Republic of Indonesia from any threats that can leave the nation distorted,” he stated.

In his speech, the governor also urged the central government to further accelerate the construction process of Loleo Airport in Tidore Islands City.

He expressed hope that the operation of the airport would help Indonesia realize the vision of creating more accessible tourism destinations in its eastern region. 

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