mClassic Nintendo Switch Graphics Upscaler Gets Big Discount For Black Friday

mClassic Nintendo Switch Graphics Upscaler Gets Big Discount For Black Friday


Marseille’s mClassic graphics upscaler is discounted to $80 (down from $100) at Amazon for Black Friday 2023. The $20 discount matches the best price of the year, and it’s the first time we’ve seen this deal since Prime Day. Alternatively, you can grab the mCable, an HDMI cable with graphics upscaling tech, for $83 at Amazon (down from $140). These two products accomplish the same task, but the mCable gets rid of the need to attach an HDMI cord to a dongle.

One of the coolest and most practical gaming accessories for Nintendo Switch and retro gamers, the mClassic is a plug-and-play dongle that upscales the resolution of your games. This is extremely useful for older consoles such as GameCube, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo. It also offers a slight visual upgrade for Nintendo Switch games, which makes it a neat accessory for modern Nintendo games, too.

As mentioned, it’s also a wonderful accessory for retro gaming on modern TVs. So if you want to play consoles like the GameCube, Super Nintendo, or N64 without a CRT TV, the mClassic is a great option. Retro consoles without HDMI ports can utilize the mClassic by picking up an HDMI adapter (such as this one for classic Nintendo consoles).

While we’ve found the mClassic to work great for the Switch and retro Nintendo consoles, your mileage may vary based on which console and TV you’re using. That said, regardless of which console you play on, the mClassic will certain help display crisper textures and a clearer picture for retro games, making them highly playable on modern TVs.

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