PSA: Fortnite V-Bucks Are More Expensive Now

PSA: Fortnite V-Bucks Are More Expensive Now


Epic Games announced last month that it would be inflating the price of its V-Bucks currency in Fortnite, and that day has now come–the new prices are live in-game and in platform marketplaces. From now on, if you live in the US, it’s going to cost a bit more to add to your collection of Fortnite skins.

The main change today is an increase in the prices of direct V-Buck purchases, as well as the current starter pack and Save the World pack. The price of 1,000 V-bucks is increasing from $8 to $9, 2,800 V-Bucks is going from $20 to $23, 5,000 V-Bucks is moving from $32 to $37, and the cost of 13,500 V-Bucks is increasing from $80 to $90. For the new prices in other regions, check Epic’s original announcement.

On top of the raw V-Buck price increases, the cost of certain real-money packs went up as well. The Extinction Code starter pack now costs 50 cents more, and the price of the Untask’d Courier Save the World Pack, which includes 1500 V-Bucks tied to time-consuming quests, jumped from $16 to $18.49, which is higher than Epic said it would be. And while the Anime Legends pack, which features cel-shaded remixes of three classic Fortnite characters, wasn’t mentioned at all in the announcement, it went up in price by $3. But the Anime Legends pack is expected to receive a price cut for Black Friday in a few weeks, so now is an extra-terrible time to buy that one.

All the other real-money packs that are currently available for purchase in Fortnite, including the new Transformers pack featuring Gen-1-inspired Megatron and Bumblebee skins, are maintaining their old prices for now. But those will increase the next time they rotate into the shop. So the Transformers pack currently still costs the same $25 that it did last week, and it will stay at that price until it leaves the shop in December. But the next time the Transformers pack returns to the shop, you can expect it to cost $3 to $5 more.

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