Sims 4 Officially Announces Horse Ranch DLC With New Trailer

Sims 4 Officially Announces Horse Ranch DLC With New Trailer


After leaks suggested horses were finally coming back to the Sims for the first time in over a decade, EA has officially confirmed the news with a new trailer showing off the Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion Pack. The expansion is arriving on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on July 20 for $50.

The trailer shows off many of the features that were accidentally revealed earlier this week through a Steam page leak, including plenty of horse-related activities, mini goats and sheep, cookouts and dances, all in a western-themed ranching community.

The biggest new feature coming with the expansion pack is, of course, horses. The pack adds the ability to rescue or purchase horses, or to create and customise them through Create A Sim. Foals can also be born on your ranch. Like cats and dogs, horses will be a part of your household, will take up a household slot, and will form social bonds with sims.

Both riders and horses can increase their skills, with Sims picking up the Riding skill, and horses gaining Agility and Jumping skills. Riders can train and even win prizes for their riding skills at the equestrian center.

Horse Ranch also adds new social elements, adding a cute new town with a bar and dance hall for socialising, as well as adding the ability to host a dance or cookout at your own ranch.

In other new features, Sims can harvest Prairie Grass to feed their animals on the ranch, can make use of Horse Manure to fertilize plants, and can also produce Nectar, a Sims universe analogy for wine which hasn’t made an appearance since The Sims 3.

Players who pre-order or buy Horse Ranch by August 31 will get a free content pack including a guitar, a floral wagon wheel decoration, and a rocking horse.

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